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Alkaline Water Sticks


The Alkaline Water Stick Creates high-PH, mineralised, great tasting, healthy water

The Alkaline Water Stick Creates Great Tasting, Healthy Water

The Alkaline Water Stick is a Stainless Steel Hollow Tube which contains seven types of stones which apply their own unique health benefits to any water that they are exposed to. They create high-PH mineralized water which provides the provide the following benefits:

  • Each stick can alkalize about 800 liters of water;
  • They can reduce chlorine odor in tap water;
  • They add minerals to your water (increasing the PH).

Simply put the stick in a container of water and shake it for about 30 seconds then remove it.

The stones contained in the water stick are:

Muyu Jade
Calcium Ion Ball
Negative Ion Ceramic
FIR (Far Infrared)
Tourmaline Ceramics
Negative Potential Silver
Maifanshi Stone

Weight .1 kg