How Do The Pendants Work?

The pendants emit deep earth energy which comes in the form of negative ions as well as deep earth frequencies. The combined effect provides numerous benefits to the human body or any biological life form for that matter!
The ions help separate blood cells to allow for improved circulation. Where negative ions have an expanding effect, effectively allowing them better oxygenation, positive ions which we are commonly exposed to in indoor air environments create constriction. This leads to less oxygenation of red blood cells and fatigue is the end result. This however is just one aspect of the benefits the pendant provides.
Negative ions are also integral to the flow of hormones in the brain. With improved negative ion levels in the body, an individual will experience improved levels of serotonin and dopamine due to the fact that the ions are allowing for better transport of hormones between receptors.
The pendant also carries with it grounding earth based frequencies including the popular Schumann resonance.
Radiation is generally not well understood. Some people believe that any radiation is bad but the fact is that low levels of radiation are normal and beneficial. These pendants would need to be 26 times stronger before they would start to be harmful.

Are They Beneficial?

Negative ions are generated by our products. These are known to improve mood and thus reduce stress. They may also reduce pollutants, bacteria and viruses that are positively charged. Studies have also provided convincing evidence that the low-dose earth energy (also commonly known as radiation) generated by scalar energy products can have some very beneficial effects. The negative impression that many people have of radiation is not correct for low does. In fact, as shown on the chart below, there are positive effects for low doses. The amount of radiation generated by a pendant is significantly less than the radiation that you would receive in a year from normal background radiation (i.e. from the earth) or from a single abdominal x-ray. To see a relevant article, please click here.

From a study published in PubMed in 2018

Who are They For?

Are you surrounded by computers, cell phones and other EMF radiation sources all day?
Do you find your energy is always low and nothing seems to help?
Do you wish to expand and enhance your meditation and energy work?
If your answer to these questions is yes, then Scalar Energy Pendants could be very helpful. They can provide protection from EMF radiation.

Where Can I Get More Information?

You can download our E-book for more info.

Is There A Guarantee

The pendants work by emitting a form of energy that will literally last hundreds of years. They will certainly last a lifetime and still be working fine.

We Guarantee if your pendant breaks or chips for ANY reason within 90 days of purchase we will ship out a replacement, all we ask is that you pay the shipping. Money Back Guarantee – Not Satisfied with the Pendant? No Problem! Send it back within 90 days to receive a full refund (minus additional shipping fees or return shipping fees).

How Are The Products Shipped

We ship by airmail through the (Canadian) Post Office. For larger US orders, we ship with tracking.

Where Do You Ship To

The countries that we currently ship to directly are: United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines and Singapore.

For more details and for what you can do if you live in another country, see the Terms page.

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