The Results Were Amazing

“The results were amazing. I rarely get headaches, but happen to have a severe one the day my pendant arrived in the mail. Excited, I put it on right away. What I didn’t expect was that my headache would disappear in minutes. I couldn’t believe it. Since I have been wearing the pendant, my back pain has all but disappeared. If I do something to cause me low back pain such as lifting wrong, I recover within a few hours or by the next morning. It is unbelievable. The most important thing of all, and the reason I gave the pendant a try, is that my energy has increased tremendously. I feel great. Wearing the scalar energy pendant is the single most effective thing I have ever done to increase my energy and health. I never take it off. I will wear a pendant the rest of my life – I would never want to lose the benefits I have achieved or the health I have gained.”

I Love It

“The pendant began shifting and adjusting my energy as soon as I put it on. I’m a naturally ungrounded and sensitive person and it helps to pull me down to Earth and stabilize. Now I keep it on all the time because, like a wedding ring, it has come to represent my commitment to serving this world. With it, I find strength and duty fairly easy to come by; without it, not so much. Also, it makes me feel like a modern day alchemist; I love it!”

I Can’t Live Without It

I will be honest with you: I lost my pendant and unfortunately I can’t live with out wear every single day. Is unbelievable but my energy going up least 60% when I wear. I just take off for sleep. Is the best natural product I have seen before. Work like miracle. Also, I am living next ocean in Island. Everything around me is nature but I am still need this pendant everyday.


 After 30 Days Things Started To Be Different

“After wearing the pendant, I did not notice any apparent change initially but after roughly about 30 days things started to be different. Without being aware, I do not experience the previous symptoms. I don’t experience the static electric anymore. I also don’t have migraine anymore. For me these are the most obvious effect as until today I don’t experience static electricity and migraine. And these were the issues that brought most unease to me. Nowadays I never visited clinics due to migraine anymore. About my energy level seems increased. I wake up refreshed and did not miss alarms again. I don’t know how true is this as our energy level is also affected by our emotion. However, it seems that I’m more aware of my emotion now. Also having enough energy to talk myself out of bad emotions every now and then. I’m more easily listen to myself on the positive side. If this was also contributed by the pendant then this is really a good news. I’m grateful to get to know you and purchased a pendant from you.”

I’m thrilled to discover that the things I read about scalar pendants are actually true.”

“I was 50/50 about buying a scalar pendant, but when I saw that Ryan was offering the pendants at a reasonable price in addition to giving a 60 day money back guarantee, I didn’t think I had much to lose. And the fact that it was easy to order, and my questions were answered promptly clinched my decision to buy my pendants from him.It’s been a little over a month of wearing the pendants daily and so far my 4 year old son and I are benefiting from them. Previously my son would catch colds from his kindergarten class, and full recovery would sometimes take weeks. Since wearing the pendant though, he has had only one day of fever, spiking at 38.9 degrees Celsius. By the next day, his temperature was normal and he showed no signs of sickness. As for me, I’ve found that I have increased energy, mental clarity and concentration. I used to be drained from taking care of my kids all day and had no energy or desire to do anything else but veg at night. Now, I can keep up with my two active kids and when they go to bed, I still have enough energy to work on my creative projects. I can’t say for sure that the pendant have prevented colds for me, since my immune system is fairly strong. However, I know for certain that somehow my pendant is shrinking a pea sized cyst I have on my ring finger. I developed this cyst 3 years ago while I was pregnant with my second child, and it just never went away. As of right now, the cyst is 85% gone. I keep asking my husband to feel the spot on my finger just to make sure I’m not imagining things! All in all, I’m happy that I purchased these pendants from Ryan, and I’m thrilled to discover that the things I read about scalar pendants are actually true.”